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🌟 On the morning of April 27, a seminar on "Comprehensive computing solutions for businesses" was held offline at Mira Binh Duong hotel. The program was jointly organized by FTI, HPE and ELITE JSC with the participation of a large number of IT Managers and IT teams of manufacturing enterprises in Binh Duong.

🌟 With 3 presentations by experts around the topic of comprehensive computing solutions with HPE Gen10 Plus, Aruba Edge Solution for Manufacturing, and Aruba Edgeconnect (Formerly Silverpeak – Top Leader in SD-WAN according to Gartner®) Magic Quadrant™), FTI and HPE shared about solutions to meet IT infrastructure in the specific environment of manufacturing enterprises, network solutions and edge computing and new services FPT Cloud Edge.

🌟 Mr. Luong Gia Quoc Bao, Project Manager of FPT Cloud Hub with Mr. Tran Tuan AnhFPT Cloud Hub is a companion of leading technology firms in the world, with experience in building and deploying many networks, international transmission lines and large cloud computing. In Vietnam, FPT Telecom International understands the needs of today's businesses, which are the desire to optimize the cost of deploying high-performance network infrastructure, and reduce operating and administrative costs in the era of digital transformation and "cloud". digitalization” – an era when businesses are shifting to using SaaS in the cloud or deploying infrastructure on a public cloud like AWS, Azure or GCP.

🌟 This is the first event that FTI launches FPT CLOUD EDGE service - a solution based on SD-WAN platform in terms of equipment through technology of Aruba Edgeconnect. FPT Cloud Edge service is built to integrate existing or new customer channels (ILL, CC, MPLS, FTTH) to create high performance, save costs and enhance management capabilities.

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