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Key elements of FPT Cloud Edge

Application to enterprise network system

The global SD-WAN market size stood at $1.4 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $43.0 billion by 2030, showing a CAGR of 38.6% over the forecasted period (2020–2030). Adapting this trend, FTI launches FPT Cloud Edge solution to meet the following factors:

– Simplifying the Enterprise network,

– WAN management and automation,
– Cost-savings, apply the policy of using a private network at work from home (BYOD),
– The growth in use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data,
– Rapid deployment of cloud-based solutions.


Why FPT Cloud Edge?

FPT Cloud Edge is based on SD-WAN technology, which is part of the FPT Cloud Hub ecosystem

Basically, FPT Cloud Edge supports 02 following advantages:

  • Allow network connection: Use all WAN connections simultaneously – broadband public internet, DIA, ethernet, private MPLS line, etc. – while intelligently manipulating traffic to optimize application performance.
  • Allow IT "agile more than ever: Give customers the performance guarantee to add connections and use applications quickly and with less downtime.

why sd-wan


FPT Cloud Edge (FCE)

FPT Cloud Edge is an SD-WAN solution in terms of the equipment used through HPE Aruba to integrate existing or new customer channels (ILL, CC, MPLS, FTTH) to create high performance, save costs, and enhance management capacity.

FPT Cloud Edge
FPT Cloud Edge vpn


Application to enterprise network system

FPT Cloud Edge provides EdgeConnect technology based on physical and virtual appliances.

Physical or virtual appliances (which support any popular hypervisor and on the Cloud) are deployed in branch offices to overlay SD-WAN networks.

Virtual device means that the customer will use an instance on the Cloud and install the operating system of the SD-WAN device in it and that instance will become a virtualized device on the Cloud with all the functions as On-Premises.

Can be used to replace the Router completely (in case of replacing the old & existing network system to SD-WAN)




Included in the FPT Cloud Edge platform, providing complete and granular visibility into both traditional and cloud applications with the unique ability to centrally specify intent-based policies business to secure and control all WAN traffic. 

Policy automation speeds and simplifies multi-branch office deployments and enables consistent policies across applications.



WAN Optimization is an optional WAN optimization performance package that combines Aruba WAN optimization technologies with ARUBA EDGECONNECT to create a single, unified WAN Edge platform.

Aruba Boost enables companies to accelerate the performance of latency-sensitive applications and reduce repetitive data transfers across WANs in a single, unified SD-WAN EDGE platform.

WAN Optimization

FPT Cloud Edge + FPT Cloud Shortpath

FPT Cloud Edge combines with FPT Cloud Shortpath  is a solution that allows customers to connect between sites in Vietnam and popular cloud service providers (CSPs) such as AWS, Azure or GCP by using SD-WAN technology along with the internet connection and through the Shortpath Gateway of FPT at the nearest location. 

After connecting to FPT Cloud Edge + FPT Cloud Shortpath, all customer data runs through FPT Telecom's private network.


FPT Cloud Edge

– FPT Telecom Managed SD-WAN solution. 

– Using the device of the provider HPE Aruba.

– Integrate ALL types of channels (ILL, CC, MPLS, FTTH) existing or new.

– Is the Edge Computing ecosystem of FPT Telecom.

FPT Cloud Edge + FPT Cloud Shortpath

– Managed SD-WAN for connecting to Cloud Service Provider such as AWS, Azure, GCP...

– Using the device of the provider HPE Aruba.

– It is a combination application between FPT Cloud Connect and FPT Cloud Edge. Learn more about FPT Cloud Connect: https://cloudconnect.vn/

"EDGE" Technology from FTI

This is the core network system of FPT Telecom, only used for the purpose of serving FPT Cloud Edge customers throughout Vietnam.

With the advantage of covering all provinces, FPT Cloud Edge can shorten the distance from the customer's site to the nearest FPT infrastructure so that the fastest connection and the packet integrity to the customer's target is achieved. 

FPT Cloud Edge can be used with other services such as MPLS, non-SD-WAN sites, or FPT Cloud Connect Edge via FPT Cloud Connect (AWS Direct Connect, Azure ExpressRoute, Google Cloud Interconnect…)



FPT Cloud Edge

Dynamic Path Control (DPC)


Is a good function in general of SD-WAN technology. DPC provides real-time bandwidth that automatically "steers" over any other transmission (Internet, 4G, MPLS) based on a policy set by the customer. 


In case of disconnection, the packet will also be automatically redirected fails-over to the "alive" channel.

Business Intent Overlay (Optimized Virtual Network for Applications)

The solution's application orchestration capability helps the application's data distribution on flexible and optimal transmission lines depending on the application's network usage characteristics.

Path Conditioning


It is a suitable upgrade for applications that need to ensure a good signal in real time to reduce packet errors that cause problems such as packet loss, image loss (Video) or distortion (Voice).

Data Reduction

data reduction

The most "top" lifting position of EDGE. The Data Reduction solution will check all traffic in real time, eliminating the repetitive transmission of duplicate data.


Edge devices inspect all inbound and outbound WAN traffic in real time, storing a unique local version of the data on each Edge device eliminating the transfer of duplicate traffic across the WAN. If the content is modified, the Edge device will detect the change at the byte level and update each device's Network Memory accordingly. Only modifications are sent over the WAN, improving scalability and response times.


The end result: customers with much more efficient bandwidth usage and LAN-over-WAN-like application performance.

Zero Touch Provisioning

ZRT silver peak

FPT Edge allows customers to automatically discover physical devices in their network using Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) function.


The new Edge device will automatically connect to FPT's Cloud Portal and register itself. FPT's Cloud Portal will notify the Orchestrator (central controller) about the new device. Orchestrator authenticates the new device to the system and adds it to the system. New devices can be added in seconds and are ready to use.

TCP Acceleration Techniques

unity boost

Minimize latency through TCP protocol acceleration. TCP is a connection-oriented and rate-limited protocol, widely used in data networks and on the internet (e.g., HTTP, HTTPS, SCP/FTP, and SMTP) and plays an integrated role in authentication, overall network performance.


Edge's Unity Boost will support protocol acceleration to improve data transfer efficiency.

Shorten the distance from the site to the nearest FPT infrastructure for the fastest connection to the customer's target.


Focus on market leaders in Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for WAN Edge Infrastructure 2021.

Focus on the most effective WAN Optimization solution, suitable for BFSI's Cloud Computing segment and business type

Focus on solutions with more economic impact and significantly higher performance than traditional ILL.



Optimize application performance over the Internet (regardless of any ISP) or hybrid connectivity with direct, highly secure access to enterprise and cloud applications.


Provides a level of security by encrypting and tunneling traffic to data, with the ability to create an additional firewall layer and Cloud and on-device security options to create an integrated solution perfect.


Quickly adapt to your changing business needs with WAN designs that dynamically combine to fit the needs of each business, point-by-point.


Better control of costs, while integrating scalable, cost-effective connectivity options to the Cloud, minimizing Egress costs from Cloud to on-premises.


Equipment is provisioned and configured automatically, simplifying deployment by reducing the time and complexity of future installation, operation or maintenance.

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